Know-how and consulting

Whether primary metal or scrap metal – well-founded consulting and information are the basis of each well-conceived decision. 


Of course, we do not know with certainty the metal price of tomorrow either. However, with our state-of-the-art information technology as well as our international contacts we are at the pulse of the metal and foreign exchange markets. Thus, we are able to inform you on the current situation at any time and can also provide you with regular market comments. 


Make use of our many years of experience in fundamental and technical market analysis as well as in the evaluation of the macroeconomic environment as basis for your decision making process. 


Furthermore, we will gladly assist you with the development of an individual procurement and hedging strategy taking the conditions of highly volatile markets into consideration. With us you will find precise solutions even for more complex tasks such as hedging of retroactive price determinations – as it is common e.g. in the automobile industry. We help you to make your price risks manageable.